Taste and See that The Lord is Good.

Psalm 34:8

We have been holding i n-person services on Sunday mornings for several weeks now.  We meet at 10:45 with praise and worship followed by the message.  We have not instituted a fellowship time yet.  We are also holding Bible studies on Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings,  or Thursday afternoons.  We have not yet started our Sunday morning classes.  We continue to caution those who choose to attend to remain safe and to keep others safe.  We do distance by family.  We encourage people to wear masks if they feel the need.  We ask that each person respect and love others who have come to worship Jesus Christ.   We will continue to live stream the services, so if you do not feel comfortable getting out at this time, you can join us on the live stream.  The stream can be viewed on Facebook (under David Unsell or Cornerstone PWC), YouTube, our mobile app Cornerstonepwc, and on our webpage https://cornerstonepwccoalgate.snappages.site.  The streams are scheduled to begin at 10:45, so we will begin the services at that time.  God bless you all.  This has been a trying time for all of us, but God has not forgotten us.  Instead, He has been pouring out His Spirit on us in our homes, preparing for our return as the Body of Christ.  Come, Lord Jesus.


Cornerstone Praise and Worship Center in  Coalgate is a church dependent upon Jesus Christ.  It is a place where people can meet Jesus, discover their gifts and places in the Body of Christ, and work to change our community. Everyone is welcome, and everyone is expected to change into the image of Christ.  We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, discover their gifts and use them for God's glory. Join us for our Sunday services!
We feel that with the challenges that will carry over from last year, the Lord will give us new and innovative ways to share the Gospel and to serve our communities WITHOUT compromising the Word.  For several years we have held Jesus' Toy Box.  We purchase toys and set up shop in our sanctuary.  Parents and grandparents can "shop" for toys for children.  The toys are taken to the fellowship hall where volunteers wrap the gifts.  However, because of the pandemic, we could not hold Toy Box the usual way and keep people safe.  So, after praying, the Lord led us to a solution.  We purchased gift cards, enough for each child .  Adults would drive up where they were met by a volunteer, who took their information.  Another group would hand the adult the needed cards.  We missed the interaction with each other and with the families, but the Lord gave us a way to bless our community.  Below are some pictures.

Almost six years ago, the Lord put it on our hearts to build a second building as our current fellowship hall was too small.  So, we began to put money into a building fund without neglecting our local ministries.  However, each time we felt it was time to start, the Lord would tell us to wait.  As 2020 began, we felt that this was to be the year, so plans were drawn up and decisions were made.  We had no idea that COVID and lockdowns were in our future.  In addition, new building code regulations made the cost of laying the foundation rise tremendously.  The cost of materials has risen.  This seems like the worst time to build; however, we believe the Lord has chosen this time so that we would rely solely on Him for the completion of this building.  It is the same size as our current building.  The new building will have a kitchen at one end.  The rest will be open.  We hope to use the building not only for church functions but also for community functions.  We hope to hold community gatherings, dinners, and events.  We can move Jesus' Toy Box into this new building so there will be more room for the gifts and guests.  We can use it for Night in Bethlehem.  Pray with us for the funds to complete the building sooner rather than later.  
These are pictures and videos of our going to the gates of our city.  We poured grape juice that represented the blood of Jesus and oil that represents the Holy Spirit.  We ask the Lord to protect us from the evil that is outside while filling us with His Holy Spirit. 

Testimonies:  Why am i part of the church?

What started out as must my mom making me go to church, eventually turned into the godly boy you read about now.  I used to dread going to church.  I always believed God was real, but never before had I really considered pursuing Him at all like He pursued me.  But, within the last year, I have been redeemed in a whole new light.  And only now do I realize how important the role the church plays really is.  So, why do I go to church?  I go to church because the church gives me my calling.  They help eep me up when things are down.  They help train me in the ways fo Jesus Christ so when teh day of evil comes, I can stand firm as a mountain.  I go to church because Jesus loves me.
What i believe the church is to me . Most of all it is faith. Heb. 11:1 tells us faith is the evidence of things not seen, so without faith we have nothing . We can not see God but we can feel Him and even hear Him. In Mark 11:24 Jesus says therefore I say to you what ever things you ask when you pray believe that you receive them and you will have them. So, if you ask for healing and don't have faith you will not be healed.I also believe that without faith you are lost  You need faith to get out of bed. When you pray to God and ask for the pain to go away and you don't have faith that God will take it away, then it will not happen. I also believe the church is love and forgiveness.  Without these we have nothing. I struggle with forgiveness all the time . If there is one thing my grandfather taught me by watching his walk with God is love; he loved everyone no matter what they did. He could always see the good in people. What church means to me can be summed up in three words.
Faith, Love, and Forgiveness.  

Cornerstone Praise and Worship Center is a teaching church - not a politically correct church.  Even after 20 years of attending, we still learn something new that God wants to address in our lives.  When we do not go because of vacation or sickness, we miss the fellowship.  It is our family.  Life is hard, and as we look back, we are blessed to not having to do it on our own.  God has big plans for us, and we will need Him and our church family to guide us daily.  Jeremy and Stephanie
I have church-hoped pretty much my entire adult life.  I never felt I had gone to a church where God was in control.  My wife and I started here over a year ago, and from day one, it was right, and it was an awesome church family.  From the very first time I went, I could feel God's presence.  I went from thinking I was a good Christian (and knew I was lacking) to really understanding how and what God expected of me.  I went from thinking God loves me to knowing God loves me and how much.  Each week David brings a message that makes me think, which makes want to study more. Throughout the week, it makes me self-evaluate, pray, and pray some more.  Then, with God's help, make those changes.  I had not looked forward to each Sunday for a long time.  It was always how or why I could not go.  Now, I cannot get enough; it's my fuel for the week.  God is doing some amazing things.  I am living proof of His love and works.  He has brought me through so much and been with me in some dark places when I was surrounded.  However, most importantly, He has saved my soul.     John

Why do I go to church?  Because there's more to being a Christian than believing. In James 2:17 the Bible tells us that faith without good works is dead.  In the church is where I can find good works.  There's always an area in the ministry where volunteers are needed.  Plus, the church has several programs designed to help others outside the church, and it is through these programs where good works occur also.  Some may argue that they can find good works without the church, and they are right.  However, it is the fellowship with other churchgoers that encourages me and inspires me.
The second reason I go to church is strength.  When I am in need, it is the church that prays for me and gives me strength to continue my walk with God and not give up on Him.  There is strength in numbers. Many species of animals know the principle of strength in numbers. Schools of fish, flocks of birds all understand that they are protected more with a large group than by themselves. I know that I can find strength in my fellow churchgoers.  Genesis 11: 5-7 also tell us that a group of united people has strength.  It says that they had one language and that "nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them."  I also know that if we are united in God's purpose and doing what God wants us to be doing, there is nothing that can stop us.
My personal story:
Six months ago, my husband and I were in a financial crisis.  Some of our bills were not being paid simply because we didn't have the money.  If I had $20 to spend on groceries, I thought we were doing good.
We started attending church and Bible study classes.  We studied our Bible and prayed...a lot.  Things started to turn around.  We could see God starting to bless us financially, and we were grateful and thankful.
In 6 short months, God has shown us where He wants us.  We were ready to move to another town, and God halted all our plans and placed people in our lives who gave us a desire to remain where we were.  God has given us partnerships that are blessing us financially, spiritually, and emotionally.  We now are rarely stressed over money.  We have caught up on our bills and now pay them every month.  We have become more financially stable in just a few short months, and we are in awe every time we think about what God has done for us in so short a time.
Our faith wouldn't be this strong without the people that God put into our lives.  These people give us the strength we needed to continue to believe that God can do great things in His perfect timing.  My husband and I cannot walk this walk of faith alone.  I need others to help teach me, encourage me, pray with me, and help pick me up when I stumble.  I know there may come a time when I need to do the same for them, and that is what a church family is all about.  To help others walk with faith.  Life is too hard to walk alone.   Shannelle

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The Lord would have us take a closer look at Ezekiel 37:1-14 and what that passage has to do with us today. He is raising up the dry bones to be a mighty army. Our world is still changing, and He wants us to be ready to minister in His name in the midst of this change.

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