You can navigate to or to Cornerstone Praise and Worship Center to watch the streams on Facebook.  You can also watch them here on the webpage or on our app (Cornerstonepwc.).  We live stream our Sunday services from the very beginning to the end.  We begin the stream around 10:45 and end it when the Lord is finished.

Today's Message: Using God's Word Correctly, Part 6:  Repent & Armor of God, Part 1 -  We are to use God's Word correctly when we fight the good fight of faith.  We looked at returning to our first love, knowing the schemes of the enemy, and speaking the truth in love.  Today, we look at the importance of putting on the armor of God.  However, we start with Jesus' word, "Repent and be baptized."  Repentance must be our first step in aligning ourselves with Jesus and His Word. 
Below you will find the pdf version of the Powerpoint presentations for the Sunday messages.  We encourage you to search the scriptures for yourself to test the message.  If you have any question, please contact us. 
Using God's Word Correctly, Part 5:  Speaking the truth in love.