Several years ago, the Lord led us to prayer walk Coalgate.  We divided the city into sections, and two-by-two, we walked each section, praying over every home, business, and empty lot.  We did this several times.  We prayed that blessings would overturn curses, that Coalgate would prosper, and that people would come to know the Lord.  After prayer walking the city, the Lord led us to pray over the "gates" to the city.  In ancient times, the gates of a city protected that city by allowing passage or denying it.  It could be shut against enemies.  We felt the "gates" to Coalgate were the major roads leading into the city.  So, we went to the city limits on each major road leading into Coalgate and poured oil (representing the Holy Spirit) and juice (representing the blood of Christ) across the road.  We blew the shofars and prayed.  We asked the Lord to open the gate to His presence and blessings and guidance.  We prayed it would be closed to any device of the enemy that would seek to harm Coalgate in any way.  Once we finished with the gates to the city, we went to the gates to Coal county and prayed over the county.  We prayed for God's protection and blessings.  

These are prophetic acts that we prayed would reach the heavens and become our reality.  After praying over the gates to the city and to the county, we found ourselves in tornado season.  As is usual in this area, one night Carol were I closely watching the weather reports as storms were heading our way.  We saw one alert after another.  We reminded the Lord that we had asked for his protection, but, at the same time, we considered finding a shelter.  The storms grew worse and the warnings grew in number.  Then, this image appeared on the television.
The image is a little blurry, but we can easily see the severe weather surrounding Coalgate, which is all black.  The weatherman explained that there were no severe weather warnings for Coal county.  None.  After I snapped the picture, we thanked the Lord for His grace and protection.  

A few weeks later, severe weather struck again.  As we again watched the weather unfold on the television, we heard there was a tornado heading toward Coalgate.  It was moving northeast, and Coalgate was in its path.  Again, we wondered if we should head for shelter.  Again, the Lord showed His faithfulness.  When the tornado reached the southern edge of Coal county, it turned directly east.  It traveled east until it hit the southeast corner of Coal county where it resumed its northeasterly course.  It never crossed our border.  
Today, we find ourselves in the midst of history unfolding daily around us.  No one could have foreseen such an event as this pandemic.  At the beginning of the year, the Lord told us it was time to prayer walk Coalgate again.  Little did we know what was to come.  The Lord gave us the map below.
We are going out two-by-two to pray over each section.  We have about half the map covered and are looking for more volunteers to pray.  The guidelines are as follows: •Pray daily
•At least once a month, drive or walk your area with at least one other person
•Record what the Lord reveals to you about your area and Coalgate
•Every couple of months, we will try to meet as a group – praise and pray

We ask that prayers cover the following: •Repent for we, as the church and as a nation, have not obeyed God’s commands
•Pray Psalm 91
•Pray the virus will not enter our territory
•Pray people will see their need for Jesus
•Pray eyes will be opened to see the goodness of the Lord
•Pray for righteousness to fill every home, business and school
•Pray rebellion and lawlessness will give way to obedience to God
•Pray barriers will fall so people can taste and see the Lord is good
•Pray that what is hidden will be revealed

Please feel free to add other prayers.  We are asking those who volunteer to pray daily for their area or areas.  

So far, we have areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 12, 17, 18, and 19 covered.  If you would like to partner with us, you can choose any area or areas the Lord puts on your heart.  If you choose one that is not already taken, we ask that you let us know so we can tell when all areas are covered in prayer.  Please email
In addition, we are going back to the gates of the city and asking God for protection against this virus.  We are asking Him to keep it from our borders.  We are also asking Him to protect each family and person, that each business will prosper, and that no business will close.  We have gone to two gates.  Following are pictures.