Let's Reason Together

The Bible tells us that the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.  As God's children, it should be foolish to us also.  Following are some examples of what happens when we place man's wisdom above God's wisdom.

When does life begin?
  • Science and our elected officials say life does not begin until we take breath.  Therefore, a “fetus,” even though it has a beating heart, can react to outside stimulus, and can be affected by the food a mother eats, is not considered to be alive because it is not breathing.
  • What about this scenario.  A husband and wife are deeply in love.  They get in a car accident, and the wife is seriously injured.  They rush her to the hospital but have to put her on life support until they can stabilize her.  Is she alive?  She is not breathing on her own.  She is not taking a breath.  Can someone simply decide to pull the plug?
  • What is the difference between these two?  For the unborn, the mother does the breathing until the baby can breathe on its own.  For the severely injured mother, the machine breaths for her until she can breathe on her own. 

Abortion vs. murder
  • In California, a 25-year-old mother has been arrested and charged with murder because she delivered a stillborn baby that had toxic levels of meth in its system.
  • In California, it is legal for a woman to get an abortion for any reason whatsoever, and it is called a choice, a right.
  • How can one be murder and the other a right?  How can you charge a person with murder when the state does not consider a fetus a living person?
  • How can the death of an unborn child be both a woman’s right and murder?

  • The mother in the above story was charged with murder because she used meth.
  • Yet, California gives away needles, provides safe places for people to shoot up, and offers free health checks.  All for people who use meth, cocaine, and other drugs.

Public nudity
  • A United Airlines pilot was arrested for public nudity for walking naked in his 10th floor hotel room.
  • He was unaware that others could see him from his window, but Denver authorities said that did not matter.
  • Even though the charges were dropped, the pilot was placed on six-month probation.
  • The 22-year veteran pilot had his reputation smeared because of “public nudity.”
  • At the same time, Denver is hosting a Denver GoTopless Day 2019 on August 25.  This is the seventh year for the event
  • It, of course, is an educational event about equal rights where everyone is encouraged to go topless.
  • Why is a man arrested for public nudity for being naked in his room while crowds of people are allowed to go topless in the same city?

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